Truss Research and Design Playbook

This playbook is a guide to who we are, what we believe, and how we work. It is a central piece of onboarding for new designers at Truss, and a resource for the entire team to document best practices as we continue to grow. Eventually, this playbook will be a robust library of tools, processes, and approaches to design and research work that anyone at Truss (and eventually, even friends outside Truss) can pull from to address the problems we most commonly face.

While any Trussel is free to edit these documents, there is some expectation that these are to be ultimately owned and curated by the members of the design practice. To that end, proposed changes should be submitted via a pull request and leads will be identified to act as curators for particular knowledge areas.

Table of contents

Team charter - Our purpose, principles, and team superpowers

Code of conduct - Coming soon — a code of conduct for Truss designers

How we work - How we work together as a design team, as well as collaboratively on internal and external projects

Resources - The tools, processes, frameworks, and templates we use in our work