We have a growing collection of templates at our disposal for use across different aspects of projects. As with our toolset, these templates aren’t set in stone, they are a great starting point for research methodologies, sample templates, design systems, and more. We will continue to update this section with more templates as they become more solidified in our practice.

Research and workshops

πŸ”’ Discovery & Framing Method Cards - We’ve created a set of method cards that outline possible Discovery and Framing activities. Each method provides the what, why, and when to use as well as a detailed explanation of the process for running it.

πŸ”’ New project kickoff - This Miro board contains a growing number of activities that you can use during the kick off or inception of a new project.

πŸ”’ Usability recruitment email template - Sample usability recruitment emails provided by There are templates for recruitment as well as confirmation of both in person and remote sessions.

πŸ”’ Usability findings template - A sample usability finding template that outlines scope, synthesis, findings, and solutions exploration.

πŸ”’ Usability script template - A sample usability script template that outlines goals, flow, introductions, session setup, tasks, and follow up.

Design systems

USWDS templates/docs - USWDS is our first stop in choosing components, typography, color palettes, and layouts for federal technology projects. The design system is built and maintained by GSA and is usually a requirement for many of our government contracts.

  • Documentation - This USWDS site provides resources and documentation for each part of the design system. We also have a dedicated Slack channel πŸ”’ #g-uswds for questions or comments on working with the system on Truss projects.

  • Figma library - For designers using Figma for UI design we’ve created a USWDS Figma component library. Some light documentation on how to use it can be found in this blog post.

  • Sketch and Adobe XD libraries - GSA officially maintains template libraries for Sketch and Adobe XD which can be found on their documentation site.